Mission, Vision and Core Values

On Our Own of Calvert County is a peer support network dedicated to changing attitudes, promoting recovery, and achieving wellness for our community.

On Our Own of Calvert County strives to be a leader in wellness and recovery options that acknowledges each person’s values and provides a support network that changes lives.

“A person REAPS what they sow!”

RespectWe believe RESPECT is a fundamental right given freely without expectations. RESPECT is something that lives in all of us and with the right environment we give it abundantly.

EmpowermentEMPOWERMENT gives us the freedom to be our unique self. We live the life meaningful to us with the respect of our peers and community. We we experience EMPOWERMENT we share our talents and abilities with out community.

AcceptanceAcceptance is a tool we use with respect to empower our peers to gain meaningful and lasting recovery. ACCEPTANCE starts deep within us, then becomes something we guide our peers to achieve.

PerseverancePERSEVERANCE is the ability to continue to thrive despite adversity, the ability that lives deep in each of us. When given the right support, we can and will recover and find wellness.

Self – WorthSELF – WORTH comes from respect, empowerment, acceptance and perseverance. SELF – WORTH is build when peers support each other in building wellness and recovery.

120 Jibsail Drive, Prince Frederick, Maryland 20678

phone: (410) 535-7576 fax: (410) 535-0984

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